Sparrowchem offers very high quality fluorides available in the industry: innovative fluoridation methods allow us to supply extremely pure compounds with superior deposition properties.

Sparrowchem supplies Fluoride compounds that have very minimum impurities in the precipitated compound which are difficult to purify out.

Fluoridation is a specific process available by using high temperature plasma phase reaction of two or three components to increase the purity, viscosity, and consistency of the material. After that, secondary melting in fluorine gas atmosphere compensates for fluorine stoichiometry deficiencies. This process effectively removes contamination and trapped gas. The ultimate result gives significantly purer material that undergoes faster, cleaner deposition and provides an excellent optical coating. This method is expensive, meticulous, and sometimes non-deployable in the cases of scandium fluoride (ScF3), aluminum fluoride (AlF3), and other Rare Earth solutions of fluorides. Sparrowchem uses this method in producing ultra-high purity fluorides such as EuF2, EuF3, LuF3, TbF3, LaF3, GdF3, NdF3, CaF2, and MgF2 production for DUV-NIR applications, as well as YbF3, YF3, BaF2, CeF3.

Other UV/DUV Fluorides includes: Lanthanum Fluoride LaF3, Neodymium Fluoride NdF3, Gadolinium Fluoride GdF3, Aluminum Fluoride AlF3, Erbium Fluoride AlF3 Mid-index Fluoride solutions: Scandium Fluoride ScF3, Lithium Fluoride LiF.

NIR/IR Fluorides: Yttrium Fluoride YF3, Ytterbium Fluoride YbF3, Dysprosium Fluoride DyF3, Cerium Fluoride CeF3.

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