Sparrowchem opened its doors for the United States market in 2015 due to fast growing demand for our high purity chemical compounds and materials.
We are directly affiliated with three European and China based chemical laboratories.
Our partnerships with these laboratories give us the opportunity to supply American market with some uniquely tailored chemical engineering materials.
To illustrate our technical capabilities we can supply wide range of high purity metal basis iodides, bromides, fluorides, chlorides, selenides and nitrites.
Our wide range of high purity inorganic chemical compounds are completely characterized materials with up to 99.999% purity levels to provide higher yields with less down time.
Our materials include europium iodides, thallium chloride, rhenium trioxide and many other chemically synthesized compounds that engineered by our in house "know how" technology using the most advanced equipment.
The motto of Sparrowchem is to provide top quality materials at the most efficient cost.
Our company offers free samples of our materials to confirm our engineering standards.
We stand by our reputation of integrity, honor and professionalism.
Sparrowchem is your trusted source for high quality inorganic chemical materials.

Sparrowchem Inc. 20 Years of Engineering Excellence