Gadolinium (III) Sulfate Octahydrate, 99,9% (REO)

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CAS # 13450-87-8
Gd2(SO4)3 • 8H2O
Purity: 99,9% (3N)


Chemical Properties:

Compound Formula H16Gd2O20S3
Molecular Weight 746.81
Appearance White powder, crystals, or chunks
Melting Point decomposes
Boiling Point N/A
Density 3.01-4.39 g/cm3
Monoisotopic Mass 747.787914
Exact Mass 749.790864

Gadolinium Oxide is a highly insoluble thermally stable Gadolinium source suitable for glass, optic and ceramic applications. Gadolinium oxide forms on the surface of gadolinium metal by thermal decomposition of the hydroxide, nitrate, carbonate, or oxalates. Gadolinium Oxide is generally immediately available in most volumes. Ultra high purity and high purity compositions improve both optical quality and usefulness as scientific standards. Nanoscale elemental powders and suspensions, as alternative high surface area forms, may be considered. Gadolinium is utilized for both its high magnetic moment (7.94 µB) and in phosphors and scintillators. When complexed with EDTA ligands, it is used as an injectable contrast agent for patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging. Oxide compounds are not conductive to electricity. However, certain perovskite structured oxides are electronically conductive finding application in the cathode of solid oxide fuel cells and oxygen generation systems. Rare Earth oxide compounds are basic anhydrides and can therefore react with acids and with strong reducing agents in redox reactions. They are compounds containing at least one oxygen anion and one metallic cation. They are typically insoluble in aqueous solutions (water) and extremely stable making them useful in ceramic structures as simple as producing clay bowls to advanced electronics and in light weight structural components in aerospace and electrochemical applications such as fuel cells in which they exhibit ionic conductivity. Gadolinium oxide is also available in pellets, pieces, powder, sputtering targets, tablets, and nanopowder. See Nanotechnology for more nanotechnology applications information. Additional technical, research and safety (MSDS) information is available.

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